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Our seasoned team of technicians excels in delivering expert installation and service for both home and business security systems, meticulously tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether your goal is to implement a foundational alarm system, install comprehensive camera surveillance, integrate an intercom entry system, or establish a sophisticated card access system, we possess the proficiency to execute projects of any scale and intricacy with precision and care.

We provide comprehensive 24/7 monitoring services through our state-of-the-art certified monitoring station.

Serving the regions of Stratford, London, Middlesex, Elgin, Huron, Oxford, and Perth in Ontario.

Vision Tech Turret Camera

Installation & Service

Video Surveillance

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are a must have of modern security infrastructure, providing real-time surveillance and monitoring capabilities for homes, businesses, and public spaces. By deploying strategically placed cameras, CCTV systems enable continuous monitoring of areas of interest, deterring potential threats and enhancing overall security.

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Vision Tech Qolsys IQ4 Alarm Panel

Installation & Service

Alarm & Monitoring

Alarm and monitoring systems are the backbone of modern security infrastructure, providing essential protection for homes and businesses. Monitoring services complement alarm systems by offering continuous surveillance and immediate response to security breaches, ensuring rapid intervention in case of emergencies.

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Vision Tech Mircom Intercom Entry System

Installation & Service


Intercom systems serve as a vital communication tool for homes, businesses, and multifamily residences, facilitating seamless communication between occupants and visitors. These systems allow for convenient and secure interaction, enabling users to verify identities, grant access, and communicate instructions remotely.

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Vision Tech Card Access - Access Control

Installation & Service

Access Control

Access control systems are the cornerstone of modern security solutions, providing the ability to manage and regulate access to buildings, rooms, or specific areas within a facility. These systems utilize various technologies such as key cards, biometric scanners, or keypad entry to authenticate individuals and grant or deny entry based on pre-defined permissions.

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Vision Tech Structured Cabling Network Cabling

Installation & Service

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling forms the life body of communication networks, providing a standardized and organized infrastructure for the transmission of data, voice, and video signals within buildings or campuses.

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Vision Tech Communications Community Involvement


At Vision Tech Communications, community involvement isn't just a checkbox—it's a cornerstone of our values. We're passionate about making a positive impact beyond the realm of security solutions. From sponsoring local events to volunteering in charitable initiatives, we're committed to giving back to the communities we serve. Because for us, building safer communities means investing in their well-being, prosperity, and happiness. Stay tuned for updates on our latest community endeavors!

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Authorized Dealer

We believe in the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships to deliver exceptional security solutions to our clients. As an authorized dealer for leading security brands, we are committed to providing cutting-edge technology, unmatched expertise, and unparalleled service to meet the diverse needs of businesses, residences, and public institutions.

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