Access Control

Access control, commonly referred to as card access, stands as one of the most intricate installations within the realm of security systems. It integrates seamlessly with alarm and CCTV systems, offering a comprehensive approach to security management.

How it works

When a user presents a fob to a door reader, the reader transmits this data to the control panel. The panel then verifies the credentials, and upon recognition, activates the electric strike, releasing it to grant access to the user. Additionally, door contacts may be incorporated for alarm functionality or status monitoring, such as detecting when a door remains open beyond a preset time limit.

Card Access Features

  • Assign Door Schedules 
  • Event Log for live viewing
  • Advanced search ability of logs
  • Unlock or Lock a door live 
  • Saves cost and security issue of having door keys
  • Programmable two form authentication: card + code entry
  • Tie in alarm and camera systems
  • Multiple Doors and Users
  • Separate User Access Levels
  • Integration with Elevators 
Card Access Panel